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  • Microservices Related Technology

    Tags: .Net, Microservices

    Database ToolsReadyRollSSDTSQL Source ControlFlywayDbUpService DiscoveryConsul.ioEurikaRabbitMQ + EasyNetQScaleEventStoreRedis + StackExchange.RedisDocker TerminologyImage – a read only template for … more

  • Using async in web forms

    Tags: async, C#

    The .aspx markup<%@ Page Title="Async" Language="C#" CodeBehind="Async.aspx.cs" Inherits="Whatever" Async="true" %> The C# code behind: public void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { … more

  • Leadership Fundamentals Pt. 2

    Tags: leadership, business

    What is Integrity?The quality of being trustworthy and adhering to your valuesWhat are competencies of Integrity?Align your words and actions with your values and act ethicallyWhat is Self-Awareness? … more

  • Leadership Fundamentals Pt. 1

    Tags: leadership, business

    Leadership skillsIntegrityBuilding RelationshipsBusiness AcumenOrganizational StrategySelf-AwarenessLevels of LeadershipLeader of OrganizationLeader of Functions / DivisionsLeader of LeadersExpert / … more

  • AngularJs Form Validation

    Tags: AngularJs

    Add the “novalidate” attribute to the form.Attributes for fields: Attributes for fields Attribute Description ng-required required field ng-minlength minimum length ng-maxlength … more

  • Effective Listening

    Tags: business

    Five essential skills:Recall detailsUnderstand the big pictureEvaluate contentAttune to subtle cuesEmpathizeChallenges to ListeningGetting distracted by internal noiseMultitaskingPaying attention to … more

  • Guest Author on Paw protectors

    Tags: dogs, Paw protectors, winter

    Paw protectors keep your pooch safe from the winter elementsYou wouldn’t think of heading outside on a cold winter day without a decent pair of boots on your feet to protect you from the snow, sleet … more