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  • List of SPF validation tools

    DMARC Record CreationAgari: DMARC Record DMARC Record GeneratorGlobal Cyberalliance: DMARC Setup Guide (also covers SPF, DKIM) Scott Kitterman’s DMARC Record … more

  • Top 5 .Net Based CMS Comparison

    Tags: CMS, .Net

    Ubraco – open source, non-cloud and cloud offeringKentico – closed source Sitefinity – no cloud offering, long list of featuresEpiserver – cloud service, long list of featuresSitecore – more complex, … more

  • Books

    Tags: books

    The Best We Could Do, by Thi Bui. This gorgeous graphic novel is a deeply personal memoir that explores what it means to be a parent and a refugee. The author’s family fled Vietnam in 1978. After … more

  • Dev Tools

    Tags: tools

    Name Url Comment ASP.NET Core Progressive Web Apps … more

  • Microservices Related Technology

    Tags: .Net, Microservices

    Database ToolsReadyRollSSDTSQL Source ControlFlywayDbUpService DiscoveryConsul.ioEurikaRabbitMQ + EasyNetQScaleEventStoreRedis + StackExchange.RedisDocker TerminologyImage – a read only template for … more

  • Using async in web forms

    Tags: async, C#

    The .aspx markup<%@ Page Title="Async" Language="C#" CodeBehind="Async.aspx.cs" Inherits="Whatever" Async="true" %> The C# code behind: public void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { … more