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  • Top 5 .Net Based CMS Comparison

    Tags: CMS, .Net

    Ubraco – open source, non-cloud and cloud offeringKentico – closed source Sitefinity – no cloud offering, long list of featuresEpiserver – cloud service, long list of featuresSitecore – more complex, … more

  • Microservices Related Technology

    Tags: .Net, Microservices

    Database ToolsReadyRollSSDTSQL Source ControlFlywayDbUpService DiscoveryConsul.ioEurikaRabbitMQ + EasyNetQScaleEventStoreRedis + StackExchange.RedisDocker TerminologyImage – a read only template for … more

  • Exception Handling in C# 6.0

    Tags: .Net, C#, C# 6.0, Exception Handling

    In C# 6 the exception condition/ exception filters feature was added.try { // work } catch (Exception ex) when ( /* filter expression */ ) { //handle exception } The general rule is: … more

  • Developer Reading List

    Tags: .Net, Javascript, agile

    Code Complete 2Clean CodePatterns of Enterprise Application ArchitectureAgile Software DevelopmentUser Stories AppliedThe art of unit testingTools for dealing with legacy … more

  • Is there a C# IN operator?

    Tags: C#, In operator, .Net, In keyword

    The short answer is “No”. The long answer is you can achieve a similar result using extension methods:/// <summary> /// Array extention methods /// </summary> public static class … more

  • Resize Excel Table

    Tags: Office, Excel, Open XML, Open XML SDK, C#, .Net

    I’m going to show you how you can resize an existing Excel table. Let’s assume you have the following table in excel (A1:C6): And you want to resize the table to a table like … more