Leadership Fundamentals Pt. 1

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Leadership skills

  • Integrity
  • Building Relationships
  • Business Acumen
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Self-Awareness

Levels of Leadership

  • Leader of Organization
  • Leader of Functions / Divisions
  • Leader of Leaders
  • Expert / Manager
  • Individual Contributor

Individual Contributor

  • Lead self
  • Produce work
  • Work with others

Expert / Manager

  • Become the best at what you do
  • Work on more complex projects
  • Display special talent


  • Further develop your craft
  • Innovate on projects
  • Demonstrate readiness


  • Maximize talent of team
  • Think strategically how your team contrubutes to the organization’s goals

Leader of Leaders

  • Training and developing experts and managers
  • Refine your communication skills up and down the organization
  • Develop Business Acumen
  • Develop Organization Strategy
  • Develop new opportinities

Leader of Functions / Divisions

  • Maximize the contributions of all the groups within the function
  • Strategize the development of the function for the future of the whole organization
  • Mentor and engage direct reports
  • Build key relationships within and outside the organization
  • Deepen knowledge of other functions
  • Attune to industry and market factors

Leader of Organization

  • Manage all functional leaders
  • Set the vision and strategy
  • Ensure future success

Organization Dynamics

  • Inception
  • Launching
  • Growth
  • Maturation
  • Peak Performance
  • Rejuvenation or Termination

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